The Best Flat Panel LCD Television: Buying Guide & Top Recommendations

If you are planning to buy a new LCD TV for your home, here is the buying guide and top recommendations for the best flat panel LCD televisions. This post lists out the top seven options to narrow down your search amongst the best.

There are two types of flat panel TVs- plasma and LCD, both being slim and wall mountable with individual advantages. Plasma TVs are known for their deeper black levels while LCD TVs are brighter in comparison. Go through the list of the best flat panel LCD televisions.

Samsung UN55C8000

Undoubtedly, this 55 inch Samsung LCD television is a technical wonder with all the necessary features integrated; it has the ability to display 3D images- you will need to shell out a few dollars for the 3D glasses of course. It has enhanced black level when compared to other edge lit TV sets. However, the cost is one thing that pulls you back from purchasing this model- it is highly expensive.

Sony Bravia KDL -46EX500

Sony KDL -46EX500 offers you the best value amongst 46 inch LCD TVs; it delivers a solid quality of picture at a reasonable price. Color performance is also satisfactorily good; however, some viewers may want to adjust the settings to get absolute perfection. The off-angle viewing could have been better, but some of them feel that it is perfect. The signal processing abilities are good; it doesn’t face any issues with blooming and screen uniformity. The main drawback is that it has very less features and blacks only at average.

Vizio XVT553SV

Vizio XVT553SV is better known for its value more than performance; the image quality of this 55 inch marvel has the ability to compete even with the best LED TVs. The delivered blacks are satisfying and deep with exceptional color fidelity. Though the screen uniformity is good, blooming is not controlled completely. It does not include 3D features; however, internet facilities are available. The remote includes a slide out keyboard for facilitating easy usage of internet. This model is available in smaller sizes also to fit your needs.


You can add LG47LE8500 to your list if you have the best picture quality on top priority than the features. Some of the terrific features include the black levels, color performance, LED backlight with local dimming, internet streaming, and much more. However, it does not incorporate the capability to display 3D images. This 47 inch TV is the best in its category; it is also available as a 55 inch TV.

Samsung LN40C630

Though this 40 inch Samsung LN40C630 lacks many of the hot features, it offers solid image quality at a reasonable price. The positive aspects of this model are its good color performance, good black levels, and the 120 Hz refresh rate. The downsides include its reflective screen, shallow viewing angle, usage of CCFL backlight, and lack of some features. It lacks internet streaming but content saved on the PC can be streamed to the TV.

This small screen 23 inch TV is exceptional for its amazing features and good image quality. It makes use of an edge lit LED back-light for quality of images. The hi-def 1080p resolution is a great advantage if you want to use the TV screen as a computer monitor also. There could have been some enhancements made to the audio and remote control. However, Vizio VM230XVT Razor is highly efficient and offers good value for money.


Are you on the look-out for a basic TV for a small living space or your bedroom? This 32 inch LCD TV will fit in your budget at its reasonable price and is one TV that can be considered seriously. The resolution of 720p is more than enough for the small sized screen; the black levels and color performance are satisfactory for the price. The broad range of picture controls is an extraordinary addition for an entry level LCD.

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