The Best Pink Cover for Your Kindle: Reviews & Recommendations

If you are looking out for the best pink cover for your Kindle, here are a few reviews and recommendations for making the right choice. This post gives the top five options for the Kindle cases.

Kindle cases or covers safeguard your Kindle e-book reader from any damages. A wide range of designs at various prices are available to select from. You can choose a design that suits your reading habits and lifestyle. Go through the review of the top pink covers to narrow down your search.

Belkin Pleated Kindle Sleeve

This Kindle cover is available in coral pink color and can hold a 6 inch display .i.e. for the latest generation Kindle. The long-lasting neoprene sleeve offers a custom fit with a safe zipper closure. The exclusive pleated model can be expanded to fit in other accessories too. The sleeve has an amazingly large capacity even with its slim design. It also incorporates a protection panel (with soft lining) to safeguard the screen against any scratches.

Octovo Faux Leather Kindle Sleeve

This model is custom made to fit the second generation Kindle and comes in a cool pink color with a smooth finish. It is very much similar to the e-book reader Kindle 2 itself- simple with modest style. This cover is made using firm but flexible shell of faux leather with a soft padding of micro-fiber interior. The device can be stored in any of the directions which offer protection while charging. This sleeve offers maximum protection from scratches with its softly molded interior.

Kindle Leather Cover

This leather cover for Kindle has been making hot sales in the market and is available in seven different colors. It has a stylish exterior that is designed using genuine leather while the interior has a soft micro-fiber material in gray color for safeguarding the screen of the gadget. The cover is designed in such a way that it can be folded back to facilitate reading in one hand. The patented pending hinge system keeps the device in one place; an elastic fastening keeps the cover fastened tightly even when you are on the go.

Kindle Lighted Leather Cover

This lighted leather case for your Kindle integrates a reading light within to facilitate reading under all lighting conditions. You just need to pull out the light in order to illuminate the Kindle when you require it and you can push it away if you don’t need it. As power is drawn from the Kindle, there is no requirement of batteries. It is made of genuine leather and is hence durable. The interior is composed of soft micro-fiber for enhance protection of the screen.

CaseCrown Kindle 2 Opening Case


This case made of premium faux leather can hold your Kindle 2 reader and safeguard it against all damages. You can open the case easily by just taking out the leather strap with magnetic clasp. You can use the Kindle by keeping it in the case itself instead of removing it every time. The opposite flap of the case has several compartments to hold business cards, credit cards, money, driving license, etc. There are also more slots to contain any required papers, photos, etc. All these features make it the ultimate case for traveling purposes with additional utility.

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